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At the Castellano House of Music, instruments for sale and stories to hear


Learning that Mr. Castellano’s mother had made the clothes, the Chambers Brothers traveled to Bath Avenue, Brooklyn, to get a fit. There, they heard Mr. Castellano playing guitar in the store, and they eventually had him join the band and tour with them in 1971 and 1972.

The current star of the constellation of Mr. Castellano is his son, Richie, 35 years old, guitarist for Cult of the blue oyster and a part-time employee in the store.

On Wednesday, he and his father grabbed guitars from the wall and began playing on Box Tops’ “The Letter,” as customers and employees continued, nodding casually to the beat.

Mr Castellano said he grew up in Bensonhurst, at the back of the family candy store. His parents, Marion and Phil Castellano, then bought a vacant shoe store on Bath Avenue, where John would practice guitar and rehearse his band, The Missing Link, which became known locally for their free outdoor concerts in nearby Cropsey Park.

The group’s loud rehearsals drove the music store next door, Mr Castellano said. After that, her parents decided to open their own music store, Bath Music, in space.

Mr Castellano said that although he only attended ‘one hour at college’ he always had a good memory, which is why his wife, Gail, constantly tries to get him to participate in game shows.

In the 1970s, he appeared on “The $ 10,000 Pyramid” – teaming up with actress Rita Moreno – and “The Price is Right”. On “Family Feud” in the 1980s, he was asked to name something that we kept under his pillow.


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