Bank loan can be taken out in various ways.

Students can take out a Intrasavings student loan through Cream Bank. With a disposition credit, on the other hand, the customer can increase the permanent seduction framework of his checking account.

As a rule, this is granted up to three times the amount of the regular monthly receipt of money. In order to be able to take out this Cream Bank loan, a corresponding credit rating is required. The loan is considered to be drawn when more money is withdrawn than is available in the checking account. Interest only accrues on the amount of credit actually used. Cream Bank agrees an annual interest rate of 13.24% for the overdraft facility.

Instant credit amount that received in consultation

Instant credit amount that received in consultation

The instant loan is another form of Cream Bank loan. If a clean Credit Bureau is available, the loan amount can be received within 3-4 days after the consultation. The borrower can opt for loan amounts between USD 1,500 and USD 25,000. With a maximum term of 12 months, the annual percentage rate is 5.99%. If the credit period doubles, the annual effective interest rate increases to 9.99%.

A credit term of 3 years is associated with an effective interest rate of 10.49%. With each additional year of credit, the interest rate increases by 0.5%. As a result, the annual percentage rate for a 84-month loan is 12.99%. A processing fee of 3% is already included. The credit decision always depends on the customer’s creditworthiness. In order to take advantage of this Cream Bank loan, the applicant must provide proof of income for the past two months and bank statements for the past 60 days.

ID is also required for the authentication test. If the credit rate is to be subsequently increased or reduced, or if the customer requests a different form of credit, Cream Bank will charge the borrower USD 200. If the loan holder wishes to have the loan redeemed early, the bank will charge a fee of USD 300 in connection with the prepayment penalty.

Car loan – buy a new car

Car loan - buy a new car

If the consumer plans to buy a car, he can take out the car loan. On the basis of this Cream Bank credit, considerable cash discount discounts can be negotiated at the car dealer. The applicant can choose between USD 1,500 and USD 75,000 in loan amounts. The contract term can be between 24 months and 84 months at its own discretion. The interest terms of the car loan are more lucrative from the customer’s point of view than those of the instant loan.

The annual effective interest rate, depending on the creditworthiness, is between 4.99% and 9.99%. A processing fee of 3% is already included. To take out this loan, the same requirements as for an instant loan must be met. Accordingly, proof of income, account statements and passports must also be presented here. If requested, the applicant can also arrange a residual debt insurance.

Cash Card loan take out

Cash Card loan take out

Cream Bank credit can also be taken out on the go with the Cash Card. The customer can use this credit card to access loan amounts of up to USD 20,000. There is no processing fee. The repayment amounts to 3% of the highest drawdown. Partial or full repayment is possible at any time and free of charge. With a claim of up to USD 1,500, the effective annual interest rate is 12.90%. If the amount is higher, this interest rate increases to 14.90%. If it is used abroad, there are additional costs of 1% of sales, at least USD 0.77 and maximum USD 4.95.


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