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Best Offline Music Apps for Android of 2022

This list is about the best offline music apps for Android. We will do our best for you to understand this list of Best Offline Music Apps for Android. I hope you like this list Best Offline Music Apps for Android. So let’s start:

About the Best Offline Music Apps for Android

Do you remember good old Winamp? If so, you might be nostalgic to use some of the old free music download websites to listen to your favorite songs for free. Today, streaming platforms like Spotify and its alternatives are the new normal for music lovers, so listening to music completely offline is not so common anymore. However, if you’re still getting used to how these online music services work, you’re not alone. That’s why there are many best apps that you can use to listen to your music collection without internet connection.

We have reviewed the best offline music player apps for Android. Offline music players are useful when you don’t have extra data to stream music online or when you have a lot of songs available. Most smartphone brands have built-in offline music players, but sometimes they lack additional features that you can get from the best apps in the Google Play Store. Yes! There are many offline music player apps with amazing features that you always wanted or maybe want to explore. Some premium music platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. have their own Android apps for streaming and downloading music.

Here is the list of best offline music apps for Android


At first glance, AIMP looks a bit simple for a music player. Flat interface designs are popular and AIMP’s approach certainly follows this type of layout. However, that is exactly the point. This app is simple; plays your music and does not create distractions.

It handles almost all types of audio files, including lossy and lossless formats, and has a 29-band equalizer, which is rare in music players. You can also mix down multichannel files to stereo and/or mono. Overall, it’s a solid option that won’t let you down if you can get past the simple UI.

jetAudio HD music player

jetAudio HD offers both free and premium versions of its Android music player. However, the free version offers so much that most users won’t need to upgrade. The only downside is that the free version is supported by ads, but they are not intrusive. As you can see from the screenshot, the ads are at the bottom of the screen.

You get a 10-band EQ with 32 presets, support for lossy and lossless music, effects like reverb and X-Bass, playback speed control, automatic gain control, and more. The Plus version offers a 20-band equalizer, an integrated tag editor, over a dozen widgets, and several other useful features.

rocket music player

Rocket Music Player has been around for a while and has come a long way since its introduction. The developers have fixed many bugs, improved performance and expanded the feature set. For free, you get a 10-band equalizer with multiple presets, 30+ themes, built-in tag editor, Chromecast support, sleep timer, nifty playlist manager, and even support for podcasts. Get the premium app to unlock seamless playback, repeat boost, crossfade, tag editing, support for advanced audio formats, and more.

poweramp music player

No list of offline music player for Android can be complete without PowerAmp Music Player as it is one of the best and most popular offline music player that you can find on Play Store. I am a fan of PowerAmp Music Player only because of the large number of features it offers. Its outstanding audio enhancement features such as optimized 10-band graphic EQ, independent bass and treble adjustment, stereo enhancement, gapless playback, mono mixing, dynamic tail and much more allow me to tune the music exactly to my liking.

Once you get past the features, you’ll also appreciate the beautiful, albeit somewhat complex, user interface. The app offers four customizable widgets as well as a configurable lock screen widget. If you’re willing to spend some time customizing this app, you’ll get a lot more out of it than any other app on this list. The app comes with a 15-day free trial.


It’s one of the first apps I install every time I change phones. It’s not just that the app has better sound and volume capabilities. One of the most popular things about MusixMatch is the lyrics feature, which lets you see the lyrics of the song you’re listening to live while this app uses your network to retrieve them. Apart from that, MusixMatch also has the popular lyric identification feature which helps you get details of songs just by inserting them and listening to the song playback.

YouTube stream

Speaking of music players for Android, we understand that you might not be interested in finding offline music players. Here’s something you might like if you love streaming music and doing it directly on YouTube. This app combines the two and has top 100 rankings in countries like US, UK, Brazil, etc. With YouTube Stream, you can easily stream the latest YouTube music videos and do other things, which you can’t do with the native app unless you have a premium plan for YouTube.

phonograph music player

Phonograph is a great music player app. This is mainly due to the many built-in theme color sets; UI colors also change dynamically to match screen content. It’s pretty standard as far as features go, so don’t expect a lot of bells and whistles. But if you just want a simple listening experience that doesn’t get in your way, Phonograph might be the music player app for you.

pixel music player

If the lighter options discussed so far are not satisfactory, we recommend trying Pixel Player. It’s not as well known, but it’s still pretty good. Pixel only supports simple file formats, but it has a five-band EQ with bass boost, gapless playback, built-in tag editor, and some customization options like themes and colors. More importantly, Pixel Player can analyze what you’re listening to and suggest more music that matches your taste. The Pixel+ music player is also available. This removes ads and unlocks all features.

Final words: Best offline music apps for Android

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