Can I cancel the overdraft, even with debts?

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In early 2014, the Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea) reported that more than 35% of Brazilians had no money to pay for purchases and debts created at the end of the previous year. And already thinking about not accumulating more debts, many people try to know if it is possible to close the overdraft, even with outstanding debts.

The overdraft and credit card are two tools that can be used in cases of unforeseen expenses, help to realize consumption dreams and organize the payment date. However, they can create debt if not used wisely, so much so that they are among the champions of default.

The amount spent in addition to what is available in the current account characterizes the overdraft expense. Both this limit and the credit card offer simplified and quick forms of lending. But in the case of overdraft, this loan has one of the highest interest rates on the market.


Step by step to request overdraft cancellation

Step by step to request overdraft cancellation

If the consumer wishes to cancel the overdraft with debts, it is necessary to send a letter of receipt (AR) to the responsible financial institution stating that there is no longer any interest in maintaining the contract. In this case, immediate cancellation of the overdraft must be demanded and the company must respond within 10 days for confirmation.

After arriving at a post office and sending the Receipt of Receipt to the bank, a fee of approximately $ 3.00 must be paid for its issue.

If there is no response during the period, the consumer can take legal action to cancel the contract, just show the letter voucher requesting its cancellation to the bank.

Canceling the overdraft with debts is important so that they do not continue to increase. The debt continues to exist and must be paid, but it remains “paused”. Thereafter, payment must be made by bank slips or other means specified by the bank.


Overdraft care

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If the debt gets out of control, make the transfer to another bank at lower interest rates. Never be fooled by the value of your checking account plus overdraft. It can give the false illusion that there is a lot of money available.

And if you need to pay an amount that is not available at the moment, give preference to your credit card . It allows payment within 40 days of purchase, meaning more time to organize. Just pay the bill on time and keep debts out of your reality!

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