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Classical music children’s book, published instruments

A children’s book entitled “Curious Desert Dwellers”, written by Merve Kenet Bulun, violist of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO), was recently published with the aim of introducing young people to classical music and its instruments.

Bulun said The peninsula that she began working on the book after seeing the need for classical music teaching materials for children and young adults.

Asked about the why of classical music, she replied that classical music is comparable to an ocean. “He has a huge musical repertoire, from the smallest types of ensembles to philharmonic orchestras and opera houses. It’s so huge that a musician’s life is not enough to hear and interpret all the pieces that have come down to us from previous generations of musicians as the greatest treasure. She added, “Since it is so rich, it is also very complex and requires certain knowledge and preparation to understand it. And we need more educational materials to prepare the next generation for this world heritage.

“My main idea behind the ‘Curious Desert Dwellers’ was to prepare young people before going to a concert or listening to music on the radio, television, in animations or films, to be able to recognize and identify at least some of the instruments; to teach them their very different sounds and looks.”

Bulun is also the leader of QPO member ensemble CineMoon.

Bulun, who moved to Qatar in 2008, said his very first book is “a story told straight from the desert, from a place that is not a very well-known geographical part of the world. The storytellers of the book are the animals of the desert who are very curious to know, they want to learn and discover things in their environment.

She added, “After hearing beautiful sounds in the desert, they began to search for its source and they went through a musical journey in search of the oldest instrument in the world and during this time, readers discover the instruments of the orchestra with video tracks that readers could work with QR codes.

The book was originally written in the Turkish language. He was sent to one of the famous children’s publishing houses “Bulut Cocuk” in his home country. A few days later, she was contacted to publish it where Nihan Demiral worked as the book’s illustrator.

Back in Qatar, it was translated into English by an English editor Marie Hartigan. Subsequently, Bulun contacted the Katara publishing house. “This is the first time they have accepted a children’s book under their name and Curious Desert Dwellers was launched at the 31st International Book Fair in January,” she said.

The book’s musical score was performed by the QPO. “QPO Executive Director Kurt Meister provided all sorts of support in linking text and music; Deputy Executive Director and well-known Qatari musician Nasser Sahim has composed a wonderful song for the book titled “The Sound of the Desert” where you can hear the true spirit of the mesmerizing desert and all the talented QPO musicians who have made separate recordings for the implements.”

Additionally, she explained that some tracks are live recordings of QPO.

Currently, the book is out of print and can only be purchased from the Katara Publishing House website or its bookstore next to the Katara Amphitheater. A second edition of “Curious Desert Dwellers” is underway and will be available in bookstores nationwide.