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RGV Sounds: Brownsville Multimedia Artist Creates Rap Songs, Music Videos, Builds Individualistic Brand


RIO GRANDE VALLEY, TX (ValleyCentral) – Hundreds of miles from home, a Brownsville resident drives through the busy streets of San Antonio, not on vacation or to see his family, he’s there for work.

Wallo2k often finds himself far from Brownsville for work. He is called upon by artists across Texas to direct and shoot music videos as they elevate their music careers and he elevates his status in the music industry.

The Brownsville native began venturing into music in the late 2010s when he began his rap career under the name Plxy.

“I wanted to be serious about my music right away, but I realized I had to take care of things professionally and learn how things work,” Wallo2k said.

His first singles were released in 2019 with local producers setting the rhythms as Wallo2k dropped the lyrics in the studio.

In 2020, Wallo2k spent a lot of time working on their music and released 17 singles and a full album.

He immediately attracted a lot of attention to tracks like “Jane”, “Day N Nite” and “Internet Love”.

Wallo2k crosses several hip hop genres on his songs, displaying trap beats on some while displaying more melodic beats on others. Some of his lyricism even falls into the classification of conscious rap.

His first album, All-Star, released in December 2020. It was produced entirely by Slimeaco, a promising Ukrainian producer who contacted Wallo2k to make the album with him.

“He had heard some of my other things and was impressed so he suggested we collaborate,” Wallo2k said.

The album contains a clear mix of the hip hop subgenres that Wallo2k ventures into and even features a Spanish song, “Featurr”.

He continued to make music in 2021, most of his six tracks being Spanish rap mumble.

Wallo2k also creates the artwork for its releases. He takes a simplistic approach to designs and goes for colors that “pop”, something he says is slightly due to his partial color blindness.

There is a slight Vaporwave theme seen on some of his 2020 singles, a style Wallo2k was enjoying at the time.

While releasing this music, Wallo2k also worked on producing music videos for a variety of artists.

Musicians, most of the rap genre, call on him to shoot their music videos and create visual art from their tracks. He has created videos for rappers from RGV, Houston, San Antonio and various other fields.

Wallo2k goes by the name PlxyTV for this company, which he says is his way of working in the music industry without having to rely solely on creating his own songs.

“You have to do something that sets you apart and makes you unique,” ​​Wallo2k said. “For me, building this brand and making music videos is the way I can work in the industry while still maintaining a fan base for what I do.”

As Wallo2k he creates rap music, and as PlxyTV he records and edits clips for other rappers

PlxyTV is part of a trend of artists who are autonomously building a brand around their names because they do more than just make music.

“The next artistic level is that of artists who can design, produce and record themselves with those who can make their own music videos, covers and everything,” Wallo2k said.

Wallo2k cited other local artists Bakri and GodBlessTheKid who are following a similar path in the music scene. He says it may take a while for that individualistic mindset to take hold, but he expects it to work for those who hold it.

Music videos created by PlxyTV typically use common themes found in rap videos with layers of effects applied to the video in post-production.

Some videos produced for the channel are more traditional in the genre, like Big Macky’s “Fathers N Mothers,” which shows the rapper flexing money onscreen as people dance in the background while filters and photos of people who use drugs flash interchangeably.

Others are a little more wacky, like the video “Rollin Wit Em” from London Blvd. This music video is a blur of statics, color changes, car journeys, and whatever else they could get in its 2.5 minute duration.

The most viewed video he produced, “Kawaii Life” by Italia, which is also from the RGV, reached 21,000 views on YouTube.

With several people calling on Wallo2k to make video clips for them, he is excited to continue growing his brand.

“You really feel like you’re a jack of all trades but a master of nothing,” Wallo2k said. “I still need to learn how to produce my own beats, but that’s about all I have left to do.

Wallo2k plans to one day create his own label to continue working with other artists in any way possible. He has constantly booked recording videos for various artists and still plans to create more music in the near future.

Wallo2k’s music is available on Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud. You can follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

PlxyTV videos are available on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

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