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What musical instruments do popular artists play?


There are many ways to sip the joy that music brings. Yes, we all love music, although our tastes may vary. While most of us just love to listen to good music, others are part of the music by playing one musical instrument or the other.

Music is a good tonic for the soul. The numerous presence of several musical instruments presented artists of different categories, who are exceptionally good at a musical instrument.

This article covers the different types of musical instruments played by popular artists. Enjoy the ride.

6 musical instruments played by popular artists

Here is the list of musical instruments:


Undoubtedly, it is the most played musical instrument around the world. Often known as the mother of all musical instruments, the piano as an instrument of good music is very versatile. This instrument has more than twenty-one million players in America.

Musicians and producers around the world love to use the piano to create inspiring music that the best ears would never have heard. This powerful instrument can be used to entertain people as well as the people who pay the price for it.

Popular artists who play the piano well include Elton John, John Legend, Billy Joel, Lady Gaga, and Alicia Keys.


This instrument gives off a particular sound that cannot be found in other instruments of the group. It is a unique musical instrument. The cello has that distinguished tone that goes well with almost any other instrument when combined.

If you like solo music, the cello offers excellent performance. Sound brings relief to the soul. A closer unique instrument that offers beauty is the violin. Children also love the cello. Parents can teach their children this instrument from the age of five.

Popular artists who play cello exceptionally well include Yo-Yo Ma, Mischa Maisky, Julia Kent, and Jacqueline du pré.

Electric guitar

The electric guitar has recently made waves among some of the well-played musical instruments among artists. These ropes hypnotize the soul into good and positive feelings. Good food for the soul.

Thanks to the increase in popularity of music and artists who celebrate rock and roll, as well as the pop genre. That’s not all, countless films and videos featuring artists playing on those melodious strings have wooed millions of fans.

We now have several video games where people can play guitar, think of the very popular Guitar Hero.

Today, there are massive sales of material promoting electric guitar lessons as well as sales of the instrument itself.

Here are some of the popular artists who play electric guitar so well: Jimi Hendrix, Brian May, Eric Clapton, Alex Lifeson, and Dand Gilmour.

Bass guitar

Even though most people have underestimated this instrument, it remains one of the most popular musical instruments played by popular artists. The bass guitar is a key instrument in many musical genres – some cannot do without it.

When you look closely at this musical instrument, it is much easier to learn than other instruments in the same class.

Some of the best bass guitar artists include Geddy Lee, Victor Wooten, and Paul McCartney.


Probably one of the cheapest musical instruments, the flute is another special tool that offers good sound. It can be played for fun as well as for making great music. Snakes love its graceful sound.

Portable and easy to learn, you can’t go wrong if you engage your kids with the flute after a long week of work. The flute can be the very first for your children to learn to play.

Some of the popular artists who play the flute include James Galway, Emmanuel Pahad, and Matt Molloy.


Have you ever wondered which musical instrument makes some of the most unique sounds in the world? The violin should be at the top of the list. This instrument has been used to make great music for centuries. He’s as old as man.

Plus, if you need an instrument that blends perfectly with skillful musical genres, you can’t go wrong incorporating this powerful tool.

Some of the most popular violinists include Hilary Hahn, Itzhak Perlman, and Jascha Heifetz.

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Music heals the soul. What complements good music is above all the sounds that accompany it. Many popular artists like to mix these instruments in their works. Some artists are also exceptional actors. Visit Whatgear Music to learn more about the best musical artists.


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