Music apps

Which music apps are the most popular in Korea?

Over the years, the ways of listening to music have evolved, especially with advances in technology.

From record players to cassettes, CDs to mp3s, the ways of playing music have changed dramatically. In recent times, everyone can stream all genres of music on streaming apps and sites. The way of listening to music on these streaming sites has spread widely even in South Korea.

Recently, Wiseapp Retail Goods collected data on the most used streaming apps by Koreans. Of course, the most popular is Music Melonas it is one of the most popular streaming sites in South Korea.

However, surprisingly, the second most used music streaming platform by Koreans was Youtube music. YouTube Music was tracked by Genie Music, FLO, Naver Vibe, SoundCloud, so what Spotify.

Netizens commentedAm I the only one using Apple Music? lol”, “YouTube Music is closing in on MelOn when there was a huge gap”, “I can’t believe Bugs Music isn’t on the chart”, “I wonder if YouTube music is any good, a lot of people are using it”, “I use Genie Music and Spotify”, “How is Bugs’ music not there?” and “A lot of people use YouTube Music now.”