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5 Lo-Fi Rhythm and Music Apps to Increase Focus and Study Better


Are you looking for lo-fi rhythms to study, work or sleep? These free apps and sites stream lo-fi music to play in the background and help you focus.

So what is lo-fi music? Unlike high fidelity sound recordings, these are low fidelity songs that use hum, distortion, and other background noise. Hyde School says it activates the brain when it tries to detect these sounds and prepares the mind to stay focused on a task. The genre is known by many names, like lo-fi beats, lo-fi hip hop, and chillhop. Give it a try, you might just find the best music to stay productive.

1. Lofi Girl (YouTube): Most Popular Free Lo-Fi Creator

Lofi Girl, formerly known as ChilledCow, is the most popular lo-fi music streamer on YouTube.

It would be impossible to talk about lo-fi music without mentioning Lofi Girl, formerly known as ChilledCow. This YouTube channel is the home of the famous anime girl studying next to a window, an image synonymous with songs like this.

Lofi Girl, directed by Dimitri, usually broadcasts several live music streams on this animation. The rhythms vary according to the mood, for example, rhythms for relaxing or studying, and rhythms for sleeping or relaxing. In the video description, you can also find links to the same playlists on other music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Dimitri brings together several different songs and music to create a new kind of sound meant to help you focus on a task. In the channel’s uploads, you’ll find several versions of it, usually lasting around 20 minutes to half an hour. If you use YouTube Music, you can also listen to Lofi Girl songs through it.

2. Lo-Fi Music (Web): Web application to play one of the popular Lo-Fi streamers

Lo-Fi Music lets you quickly and easily switch between the most popular lo-fi streams online

Lo-Fi Music is a progressive web app that acts as a radio for popular Lo-Fi streamers like Lofi Girl. You can quickly switch between any of the popular feeds and the animation will update accordingly as well. You’ll also find links to follow the original streamer.

The stream list currently features all of the major Lo-Fi streamers including Lofi Girl, ChillHop, Lofi Code Beats, College Music, The Jazz Hop Cafe, The Bootleg Boy, and In Your Chill. You can also switch randomly to one of the other stations to change the mood of your background track.

Lo-Fi Music also has its own volume control and is independent of your system volume. This is a crucial feature that other apps of this type are missing, especially when you want to play that music softly while hearing notifications or other sounds normally.

3. Viberoom (Web) and Chillhop Radio (iOS): Lo-Fi radio and artist discovery

Viberoom has a directory of lo-fi artists to discover musicians

Viberoom is the best free alternative to Lo-fi Radio, a now defunct streaming channel. Developed by Konstantin Zhitkov, the web app is a simple 24/7 radio station that streams a variety of relaxing hip-hop songs for studying, working, or relaxing. At any time, you can view the currently playing track and share it with your friends with a simple link.

Besides the endless radio station, Viberoom offers a collection of playlists for different moods, such as herbs, rap, morning, evening and other exclusive mixes. You can also listen to lo-fi music from a specific beatmaker as well as discover other musicians in the Artist tab. Difficult to find elsewhere this repertoire and this discography of lo-fi artists.

If you’re using an iPhone, check out Viberoom’s Chillhop Radio app. Again, you get the 24/7 lo-fi radio station with 3000 beats. Three skins (morning, day, night) modify the appearance of the application according to the time of day. After all, you need a little visual appeasement with these tunes.

To download: Chillhop Radio for iOS (free)

4. Loffee (Android, Spotify): offline, beautiful Lo-Fi music player

Loffee is perhaps the best Lo-Fi music player app for Android. The best part is that it works offline which saves you data and phone battery. Naturally, the song collection is not that huge then, but it is quite large and personally organized by the developer of the app.

The app offers five basic mood types: morning coffee, winter woods, healing, late night mood, and rainy days. In each, you’ll get eight additional subsections, which you slide left and right. At any time, the menu offers information about the music and the wallpaper. You can also quickly view the list of previous songs in this file. The app’s design only lets you stop or play the track, but its notification panel lets you skip to the next or previous track.

Loffee offers a timer, a fantastic feature for listening to lo-fi songs while sleeping, especially with the Late Night Vibe category. Set the timer for how long you want the app to play, after which it will turn off automatically. It could be one of those unexplored ways to sleep more peacefully.

The app is only available for Android, but you can also listen to the songs through the Loffee Spotify playlist. In this you will not get the different categories or mixes, as this is a full list of 313 songs, lasting about 10 hours. But hey, play it shuffle and the job will be done.

To download: Loffee for Android (Free)

5. Lo-Fi Player (Web): Create your own Lo-Fi beats with AI

Lo-Fi Player lets you create your own lo-fi beats by interacting with different elements

Instead of relying on others for lo-fi songs, how about creating your own? The Lo-Fi player creates a virtual room with interactive elements for you to improve your concentration with your own audio cocktail. It is developed by the Magenta team, a machine learning tool that explores the intersection of music, art and technology.

The pixel-art room features a girl, a cat, a window, and other clickable elements. Try clicking and you will find each item associated with a different sound. For example, the window adds environmental sounds like rain or breeze. You can adjust the sounds of guitar, synth, drums, chords, by choosing their volume and tone, or by turning them off.

The two main elements are the desk and the television. The TV is intended for melody interpolation, where you mix two melodies such as chill, dense, sad or moody. The music stand is the primary control, where you adjust the beats per minute, pitch, volume, and reverb. It also includes an interesting “auto random change sometimes” option so that once you’ve picked your items, it will continue to create a new sound from it as you listen.

Once you’ve created your own lo-fi track, you can share it with others through a single link. When you do this, be sure to personalize the text on the chalkboard as well. You can read more about the project on the Magenta blog.

Concentration Matters More Than Music

With this collection of lo-fi music providers, you should be able to find something that you can listen to while you work. Don’t spend too much time trying them out, pick one that suits your needs and go for it. After all, remember that the point of lo-fi music is to focus on something else.

And in case you mind, don’t give up hope. Background music works differently for people. It’s about finding what’s right for you. For example, if you are a gamer, you might be more likely to listen to video game soundtracks to study or relax.


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