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6 Times BLACKPINK’s Pink Venom Referenced Their Previous Music Videos

BLACKPINK’s latest release, pink venom, from their second studio album, Born Pink, received overwhelmingly positive reception from fans. The music video for the pre-release single premiered on August 19, 2022 and has set several records since then.

Considering that the girl group made their comeback after almost two years away, BLINKs had high expectations from the artist. They served up several new elements, including traditional Korean music, unconventional styles for Jisoo and Lisa, and a highly anticipated JenLisa (Jennie and Lisa) rap segment, among others.

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However, even more interesting in BLACKPINK pink venom were the mentions of multiple references from their previous music videos. It didn’t take long for fans to figure out all the hidden messages as well as the details of their past songs. Here, we’ll take a quick look at some of those references.

6 references from BLACKPINK’s previous music videos in their latest hit pink venom

1) Twin Backdrops

One look at the end of BLACKPINK’s latest release is enough to tell where the inspiration came from. Fans spotted the similarity between the sets of kill this love and pink venom Almost instantly.

From blue-white-black tones to bombardment effects, the two tracks follow a congruent aesthetic. Plus, the style of the outfit, as well as the overall atmosphere paired with slow-motion grooves, screams kill this love vibes.

2) The flower of Rosé’s solo Faded away

the rose burned and turned black, which referred to her heart or soul that darkened after being hurt. if lsg was the foundation, there was no longer the bridge that led the rosé to the villain with the pink venom #PINK #로제

BLACKPINK’s Rosé released her solo, Faded away, on March 12, 2021, as part of her debut single album R. In the music video, she is seen holding a burning rose to signify her broken heart, which is “lovesick.”

The same sentiments are reflected through her bridge in pink venom and therefore the depiction of her holding something black and dark speaks to how a changed person she is now. Pink flowers no longer interest her as she has moved on to a distinct, possibly cloudy side.

3) Lisa and Rambo’s Legacy

-Don’t dare stop me if anyone gets in my way, I’m going “BRR RAMBO” -Black paint and ammo, I got bodies like RAMBO Rookie Lisa warned you all 😭 #LALISA #LISA #SILVER

A verse in Lisa’s rap in pink venom mentions ‘Rambo’ which reminded fans of something similar in BLACKPINK’s BOMBAYAH. The K-pop idol’s lyrics during his rap segment in BOMBAYAH also found its way into the band’s latest release. His pink venom the rap lyrics, “Black paint and ammo, got bodies like RAMBO”, also described his love for Rambo.

4) Choreography of artists’ solo songs

they included parts of their solos in the venom rose choreography 🧐

As fans eagerly awaited a thrilling and captivating choreography, pink venom didn’t have many variations from what BLACKPINK usually serves on the floor. at Jennie’s SoloRoses On the groundand Lisa’s Silver had similar movements as shown in pink venommuch to the disappointment of fans.

I just watched Pink Venom and I love it ;_; the choreography is boring, there are literally moves from their last choreography and there is nothing new and overall nothing unique or anything that really stands out to me. Honestly disappointed in whoever wrote the songs and decided on the choreography as…

Various concerns about the band’s repetitive and replicating choreography have also been raised, including claiming doubts over whether this is the best the team can do after a two-year rollback.

5) Rosé and her obsession with ink

rosé brings the pain of lovesick girls to venom rose

The iconic ink game moment in pink venomThe clip is not the first to exist. A photo from BLACKPINK’s 2020 release, lovesick girls, also offered a similar model. The Faded away the singer was drenched in black ink during pink venombridge segment.

She was also seen holding what fans recognized as a heart to signify her changed aura. Without a doubt, no one plays ink better than Rosé. Its sensational visuals and graceful looks complement the ink aesthetic extremely well.

6) Lisa’s Poisonous Apple

by BLACKPINK pink venom had crazy details when it comes to referencing their previous music videos. One such example is Lisa’s apple. In the group how do you like it music video, she was seen posing with an apple. However, in pink venom, the performer is seen biting into a black apple.

Suspected of being poisonous, the black apple that is pink from the inside is a perfect metaphor to beautifully represent “pink venom”. Additionally, her eyes turn pink after consuming the apple, furthering the song’s agenda and concept.

pink venom is so…bland. we waited 2 years for this??? teddy should have changed a bit, blackpink’s sound hasn’t changed much lately and that’s disappointing smh

Whereas pink venom left strong impressions on the charts, including a record claim of 90.4 million views in 24 hours, it still faced backlash. It became the biggest 24-hour debut for a music video in 2022.

BLINK expressed their disappointment with the stagnant nature of their songs and choreography. They had higher expectations from the girl group and their team considering they made a comeback after almost two years.

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