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African musical instruments in short supply

Maxwell Mbukuro, LOCAL marimba player and maker of African musical instruments, says there is a shortage of traditional musical instruments locally.

The founder of Bandarimba Arts is one of the few local makers of traditional musical instruments such as mbira (deaf piano), , hosho (rattles) and ngoma (traditional drums).

He developed a passion for making musical instruments during his musical studies at Mutare Polytechnic and Zimbabwe College of Music in Harare.

“Traditional musical instruments are in short supply as their demand in schools, churches and the secular world continues to increase,” he said, calling for grants and funding to be channeled towards the making of traditional musical instruments. musical instruments to meet demand.

“Musical instruments are like furniture that should be in every home. Amidst these shortages, I want to become the best African traditional musical instrument maker in the near future.

Mbukuro said he improved marimba playing skills during a stint with the famous mbira Player Hope Masike’s Kakuwe Band as Soprano marimba player and singer.

“My musical vocation was reinforced when I participated in the Umoja festival in Mozambique under the aegis of the Zimbabwe College of Music in 2010 by playing the marimba, mbira and ngoma,” he said.

“It was after I joined Kakuwe Band in 2010. We recorded the Mbira, To like and Chocolate album in 2013, and I haven’t looked back since.

As part of Masike’s band, Mbukuro has performed at high profile events such as the Harare International Arts Festival, the birthday of the late former President Robert Mugabe and toured the Harare region. Southern Africa.

“As I grew musically, I then left Masike’s band in 2014 to pursue a teaching career in Nyanga where I recorded several teaching and performance successes,” he said. -he declares.

Mbukuro now works occasionally with the Solon Foundation as marimba, mbira and dance leader.

“My desire is to maintain good performances, to teach traditional Zimbabwean dances and to play instruments in schools,” he added.

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