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Ariana Grande breaks down her most “iconic” music videos


For the clip for “Thanks, Next”, Ariana teamed up with Hannah again to recreate all of her favorite scenes from all of her favorite movies.

“Nobody’s right to do this with Hannah anymore. She turned something that seemed so torrential at the time of my life into something fun and light, at least while we were doing it,” said Ariana to the director. “And what I was able to share with the world was brilliant and beautiful.”

Saying the duo were filming “Breathin ‘” out of sweetener When they came up with the concept of the video for “thank you, next,” Ariana said she enjoyed playing Regina Gorge and Elle Woods.

The superstar continued, “Playing Jenna Rink was a dream come true. I couldn’t believe it, Jennifer Garner even reposted it. And I love her so much.”

Fans will remember Jennifer raving about Ariana on Instagram at the time.

Another thing that got Ariana excited was working with Jennifer Coolidge. The native of Boca Raton, who says she is “a huge actress” and lists Best of Show as her “favorite movie,” revealed that Jennifer (who was also in that movie) recreated all of her looks from The revenge of a blonde especially for video.

“Which has been the greatest honor of my entire life,” Ariana said, adding, “I love it.”

“You should see the takes,” she teased, “they’re so funny.”

Check out the music video below.