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Best Music Apps for Your Firestick

If you’re looking to take your eyes off the screen and enjoy some great music, Amazon Firestick still has you covered. There’s an app for everything these days and Firestick will make the most of it. It plays music just like it plays video – through specialist apps – and now we’re going over some of the best ways to do that. We cover the basics as well as some of the features we felt were important to the overall experience, looking to help you choose.


Spotify works like a charm and offers the best range of content when it comes to music as well as podcasts. It is probably the most popular streaming platform dedicated solely to music and along the way it has changed the industry as such. We can hardly argue about the success and the obvious context of it all.

The app offers a simple approach to listening to music and it’s no different on Firestick. Spotify is easy to navigate, whether you’re looking to find favourites, browse categories or listen to the radio. This is especially true when you start creating your own playlists and growing your library.

What we didn’t like was the fact that the free version limits the features at hand, unlike what we’ve seen on Windows. This means that you will probably spend $9.99 per month or more on a subscription if you enjoy Spotify and want to make it your favorite music player on Firestick.


Deezer doesn’t compare to Spotify in terms of popularity, but it certainly does in many other aspects. The platform delivers high-quality sound and focuses on the experience to attract and retain users. That means you’ll find high-end MP3s and FLAC numbers to take full advantage of the speakers and soundbar.

The app looks clean and simplistic which makes it very easy to use and intuitive even if you are not used to streaming music. With over 90 million tracks available, there’s something for everyone and the playlists automatically created to suit you based on the artists you select are a nice touch indeed.

The premium version is ad-free and lets you skip songs in shuffled playlists as much as you want. However, the functionality is not as affected as in the case of Spotify, compared to the free version. This got us thinking if this might be a more appropriate approach for the Amazon Firestick. Read more…


Beyond what you might call the mainstream, fildo finds its way to our list with a variety of features not found elsewhere. The app fetches data from partner sites rather than having its own library, which could lead to copyright infringement and is something to consider.

Fildo shows more of it on screen and it’s the first thing everyone will notice. While we appreciate the simplicity more, it’s fair to note that the interface makes it easy to switch between Home, Library, and Search, as well as Top 100 Playlists. The ability to download entire playlists and play them offline is the app’s main selling point.

Interestingly, the app we found in Firestick Downloader was just a simple player and we were only able to download songs by getting the app from Fildo’s website. This means you will have to jailbreak your fire tv stick if you want to make full use of the features of the offer.


It is the same YMusic and there’s just as much to be excited about as the app lets you play music from YouTube and music alone. That means data savings and a great way to play music in the background if you don’t want your party spinning around the screen, for example.

The application is very easy to use and also looks good, although it is not considered a decisive factor in attracting new users. It is similar to YouTube mobile apps in many ways and will deliver fast service even with slow or unstable internet connections. If you’re used to YT, you’ll have no trouble adjusting here.

YMusic also allows you to download songs in MP3 format and play them offline, which is a big plus for Android users who want to listen to them on the go. The app received a lot of praise right from the start and Comments all point in the same direction which we can certainly follow – a safe and enjoyable experience.


Probably the least known app on the list, MusVid is a bit of a new kid on the block. The burgeoning app features a massive music (and video) library meant to satisfy the pickiest among us. It’s also easy to watch with a smooth interface despite perhaps too much display on the home screen.

What we particularly liked was the ability to listen to just about anything online and without any ads. From evergreen classics to the latest hits, we had no problem playing our favorites. However, one wonders how long MusVid will be able to maintain it without any cost to the user.

Final Thoughts: Who Should You Listen To?

All in all, it depends on what you want to do. We’ve listed some of the big guns and also opted for some less popular options. All of the apps listed have some pros they’d like to point out, but truth be told, you’ll find your particular cons wherever you go.

Spotify will provide the greatest range of content while Deezer is more focused on sound quality and user experience. YMusic provides what many music enthusiasts wanted only in YouTube music, but Fildo largely focuses on the features it offers. There’s no one size fits all here, but streaming music is great with these and one will most definitely suit you!