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Discord and background music apps to run on Steam Deck Handheld ‘Nintendo Switch Competitor’

One of the problems with other portable devices such as the Nintendo Switch is that it does not support Discord. This problem seems to be one that the Valve Steam Deck does not have.

In fact, Valve plans to avoid this mistake with an easy-to-follow step-by-step process for running Discord in the background.

Valve Steam Deck supports Discord and other background music apps

According to the story of VentureBeatalthough some consoles offer limited Discord support or no support at all, Valve’s Steam Deck PC will allow users to use the full version of the application.

The portable console will allow users to join the same text chats and voice channels that users usually join on both the mobile or desktop version of Discord.

It should be noted that even though Discord cannot be found on the Steam store, it can be installed through the Linux version in desktop mode.

SteamOS environment powered by Valve

Users will then be able to run Discord in the background of the device’s SteamOS while playing whatever game they have chosen to play.

Also, this feature is not limited to Discord. In fact, other background music apps like Spotify and YouTube Music can also run in the background.

Both programs are able to run simultaneously without encountering any problems. This is due to Valve’s optimizations regarding their own SteamOS environment.

How to Get Discord on the Valve Steam Deck

To run apps like Discord, users will need to press the power button until a menu appears. Once a menu appears, click on the “Switch to Desktop” option.

Once in desktop mode, users will only have to click on the Discover Store icon located in the taskbar. Users will need to search for Spotify, Discord, or any other app that users would like to use with SteamOS.

Once the app is installed, here’s how to run it

When the application is finally added, users can simply install the programs they want and find them in the Start menu. After that, users must log in while still in desktop mode.

Once users are logged in, they will then need to open Steam and simply click on the “+” button located at the bottom left. The next step is to choose the “add a non-steam game” option.

Once done, users can finally select Discord or any other app and simply add them.

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Run Discord, Spotify or other apps on Steam Deck

Users can then return to game mode and simply browse the non-steam tab located on the users library and open Discord, Spotify or any other app added. After that, users can simply access any game with Discord or other apps playing in the background.

A YouTube video of Play on Linux also detailed a simple step-by-step guide to installing Discord on the Steam Deck. It can be viewed below:

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