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Four Affordable Musical Instruments To Get Your Kids Started On Amazon India


Whether it is the legendary Beethoven who started playing the piano at the age of seven or Mozart, who learned the basics of the piano at the age of only three, the passion for music usually ignites during the period. ‘childhood. If you want to awaken a passion for music in your child, the ideal would be to introduce him to different musical instruments, such as piano keyboards, drums and guitars. You might think that these instruments could put a big hole in your pocket, but no! Most of these children’s musical instruments come at affordable prices and should fit your budget. Here are four affordable musical instruments that would get your child started in the music business.

Mini musical keyboard Casio SA-76

The Casio SA-76 Mini Musical Keyboard has 44 mini-sized keys that make the piano a great choice for children. With 100 tones and 50 built-in drum rhythms, this mini keyboard lets your little one explore tunes from around the world. This compact keyboard is designed for small children’s hands. In the center of the keyboard is an easy-to-read LCD screen that serves as a visual guide for young learners and makes the keyboard more fun and easier to use. It also has a 3.5mm jack to connect to headphones so your child can exercise in peace. Apart from that, some of its other notable features are five built-in percussion pads, a piano / organ button, and ten built-in songs.

Powerpak G3001A-R electronic drum

The Powerpak G3001A-R Electronic Drum Kit is equipped with seven pads and two drum pedals that allow your child to produce a variety of professional sounds, including tom, snare, hi-hat, crash, ride and from Charleston. It comes with a headset that your child can connect to its AUX input. With this feature, your child could train quietly. Plus, since a laptop or computer can power it, your child could take it anywhere and even play outside! With an extended function that brings a super bass effect, the Powerpak Electronic Drum Kit offers the complete package in one.

Acoustic guitar JUAREZ JRZ38C

The JUAREZ JRZ38C acoustic guitar is covered with solid wood which allows the instrument to produce rich and smooth sounds. This makes it ideal for rock, folk, country, and all genres in between! It comes with a cutaway, which makes the acoustic guitar convenient for your child to hold while playing. This is complemented by low action ropes which reduce hand fatigue, ensuring your child familiarizes with the action of the ropes while building hand strength. It also has a good set of pegs which are smooth and easy to adjust and can keep your guitar tuned for a long time. The JUAREZ JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar features basswood binding and all-wood construction that help increase the performance of the instrument.

Akshar Tabla Sheesham Wood Dayan and Still Bayan

The Akshar Tabla Sheesham Wood Dayan and Still Bayan are equipped with a robust coating of syahi or ink which helps to enhance the sonic range of the instrument. Its dayan has a sturdy construction as it is made of heavy Sesham wood, which allows it to produce fine quality sounds. On the other hand, its bayan is made of steel which complements the sound quality of the dayan with a deep bass sound. It comes with a hammer that you can use to change the tune and ranges of your tabla.


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