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From Cancer to Pisces: find out which musical instruments can be best mastered by the water signs of the zodiac

Although each of us has our own tastes and preferences in all aspects of life, music is something that connects us all. In fact, many star signs have hidden musical talents yet to be discovered. While some have a penchant for the piano, others know how to skillfully wield a sarod or master the drums. From Cancer to Pisces, here are some musical instruments that can be best mastered by the water signs of the zodiac.


The soft melodies of a piano resonate best with this soulful water sign. The reserved nature of a Cancer means that this sign does not like drawing attention to itself. They would gladly occupy a comfortable corner of the room where they would quietly play the piano undisturbed. Cancer will have no trouble getting lost in the suave tunes of this string keyboard and they have the courage to stick with practicing the instrument until they master it.


A guitar is a musical instrument that a Scorpio could master like no other if they put their mind to it. One of the reasons Scorpios first pick up the guitar is because they see it as a chick magnet. While strumming catchy melodies is useful, it takes dedication and years of practice. However, this water sign lacks the discipline to complete a task. And therefore, they may give up the instrument too soon, even if they were quite good at it.


The most eccentric of all the water signs, Pisces is one who strays from convention in all aspects of life. They like to think outside the box and this is one of the reasons why a xaphoon best matches their personality. If you’ve ever heard this star sign play this instrument, you’ll wholeheartedly agree that there’s some weird magic going on in the way a Pisces wields a xaphoon.

Disclaimer: Although these attributes are generic, they are primarily focused on your zodiac qualities; not all of the above traits are necessarily true for you.

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