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Google’s music apps reportedly surpassed 15 million subscribers


Between YouTube Music and Google Play Music, Google has now surpassed 15 million subscribers, according to Bloomberg. The report notes that free / promotional trials are included in this total. Like its two biggest competitors, YouTube Music charges $ 9.99 per month for a subscription, with a family plan for six people priced at $ 14.99.

For comparison, Spotify recently surpassed 100 million paying customers worldwide, with Apple reaching over 50 million. In the United States, in particular, Apple Music has reportedly surpassed Spotify in number of subscribers. Google’s total lags well behind these two big rivals, but it still shows that the company manages to fight it off – and it is doing better than Pandora, which hovers just below 7 million subscribers.

Google has made it clear that YouTube Music is the future of its premium music subscription efforts; the company has announced that it will phase out the old Google Play Music service once YouTube Music replicates all of its features and launches in the same territories.

However, the YouTube Music team has dragged its feet on promises to bring this feature. Playlists and downloads from Google Play Music users are still nowhere to be found, despite promises of their migration. Recently the app added the ability to play local files on Android so progress is being made but it has been very slow.


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