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International Dance Day 2022: Five BLACKPINK clips that will make you want to dance right away!

International Dance Day is commemorated on April 29 each year, marking the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre, the creator of modern ballet. International Dance Day 2022 falls on Friday. International Dance Day was created by the Dance Committee of the International Theater Institute (ITI), which is UNESCO’s principal performing arts partner. The day is a celebration of the art form and values ​​of dance. It also strives to raise awareness and encourage people to participate in the art of dance. And speaking of celebrating dance, we can’t help but mention the extremely talented K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK! International Dance Day 2022: From flexibility to balance, the health benefits of dance.

The day is a global celebration of dance and appreciates different genres and techniques that have emerged over the years. Korean pop music and dance styles featured in their videos have also gained popularity for their fusion of different hip-hop and freestyle movements. K-pop girl group BLACKPINK is world famous for their catchy songs and unique dance moves. the choreographies are perfectly structured around the themes of their clips. They also have well-known crochet steps. On International Dance Day 2022, let’s check out some of BLACKPINK’s popular dance and music videos.

5 Most Popular BLACKPINK Dance and Music Videos

1. Ddu-Du Ddu-Du – Music Video

One of their most popular music videos that broke records and brought them international fame is “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du“, their first single from their debut EP in Korean. The music video hook became famous, and the whole choreography of the big music video attracted a lot of attention.

2. Whistle – Music Video

The dance routine from “Whistle” instantly became very popular with BLACKPINK fans and people in the dance community. Many people have tried to recreate the eye-catching footwork.

3. How You Like That – Dance Performance Video

“How You Like That” was the lead single from their first Korean-language studio album titled The Scrapbook, the music video for the song was created on a large scale. There were also a lot of background dancers involved. The group’s official Youtube page also released an official dance performance video which gained over 1 billion views.

4. Kill This Love – Music Video

This music video has 1.5 billion views and the melody is easy to remember. It gets stuck in your head, just like the choreography. The choreography is perfect, especially with the mix of different dance styles involved.

5. Lovesick Girls – Music Video

“Lovesick Girls” is a very pop song with different layers of performance featured, but it’s also a recurring track of perfectly timed hook steps that the band members have performed many times on shows.

BLACKPINK’s dance routines have become so popular that a separate playlist is dedicated to their dance practices on their official Youtube page, with the videos amassing millions of views. International Dance Day celebrates the spirit of dance and is a global celebration of the dance community.

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