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IPhone Music Apps Completely Block CarPlay In iOS 15


IPhone 13 owners are facing an increasing number of issues with Apple’s latest hardware and software. IPhone 13 owners have the most recent iPhone, but their experience with iOS 15 might not be the best.

The most recent issue is CarPlay, which causes music apps to crash when a user tries to play songs.

Dozens and dozens of posts Apple’s support forums contain a growing number of complaints from new iPhone 13 owners.

According to reports, people who try to play music from any CarPlay app cause the whole system to crash.

This issue seems to only affect iPhone 13 owners with iOS 15 and is not reported by older iPhone owners who have iOS 15 installed. It is also present in wired and wireless CarPlay systems.

Apple has not provided an official solution to fix this problem, but some users claim that Apple Support has said that a fix may come through a future CarPlay update.

What can I do?

In the meantime, iPhone 13 owners have come up with some solutions through trial and error. Some users find that turning off the equalizer helps solve the problem, while others have focused on the “Late Night” toggle.

Still, others could only find a solution when they reset all network settings on their iPhone, which is a pretty drastic solution.


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