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Jamia Shooter Now Amplifies Hindutva’s ‘Hate’ Music Videos Featuring Violence Against Muslims

New Delhi: Uploading ‘music’ videos featuring the assault and abduction of Muslim men is the latest twist the community career of the Hindu extremist known as the ‘Jamia shooter’ has taken, but police continues to ignore his violent activities.

The young man – who cannot be named for legal reasons – first rose to prominence two years ago when, as a minor, he opened fire on unarmed demonstrators. Jamia on January 30, 2020. Since then he has made a number of anti-Muslim hate speeches and gained a large following on social media as a poster boy for Hindutva, advocating violence of mass in pursuit of the cause of turning India into a Hindu rashtra. He is also an associate of known militant Hindutva leader Deepak Tyagi who goes by the name “Yati Narsinghanand”.

His latest actions involve the amplification of “music videos” which show the abduction, assault and armed intimidation of Muslims in different locations. Some of his associates who had participated in the recent anti-Muslim mahapanchayats in Haryana uploaded these “music” videos, at least four of which are making the rounds on social media in the Hindutva hate ecosystem.

While videos showing violence against Muslims are regularly uploaded by these groups, what sets the uploads apart is that they appear to have been made for entertainment. One of the Jamia shooter’s “music” videos on his Instagram page features the following lyrics: “Chamak rahi talwar hai, chamak raha Trishul hai. Hindu ko kamzor samjhna dushman ki bhool hai (The trishul and the sword shine. It was the mistake of the enemy to think that the Hindus are weak).

Assault, kidnapping and the saffron brigade

In the first video which was uploaded to Jamia’s shooter’s Instagram page and also shared to a Monu Manesar’s account, a man who can barely walk is dragged by a group of Hindutva workers under threat of ‘a weapon. The caption reads, “Kidnapping the Cow Ferryman.” The man in the video is then forcibly loaded into a Haryana white Scorpion car which is registered in the name of ‘Development & Panchayat’.

In the second video, an armed convoy of Hindu nationalists drives through a Mewat village in Haryana – home to a large Muslim population – threatening unarmed children and women with weapons as they flee.

In yet another video, men are seen assaulting a Muslim scrap picker with bamboo sticks. The man’s motorcycle and scrap metal were turned over and the mob pinned him to the ground, after which beatings rained down on him. Legend has it that they are scrap-gatherers attacking Hindu festivals and Bhagwa soldiers.

In the latest video uploaded to Monu Manesar’s Instagram account, an elderly Muslim man with blood all around him begs for mercy in a car. Later, he falls unconscious.

Monu Manesar, who posted some of these videos, is a self-proclaimed gau rakshak (watchful cow) with thousands of social media followers. Manesar was introduced by host of anti-Muslim Haryana Mahapanchayat in July 2021 as someone, “who shoots and gets shot while protecting cows”.

Manesar had also spoken at the mahapanchayat of Pataudi and his solution to the problem of “love jihad” was a direct call for murder. He demanded in his speech that Muslim men who commit love jihad be killed and asked for a list of “love jihadists” to be killed by his team while referring to the “big brother”, apparently a reference to the BJP, who would ‘save’ his team, presumably from the law.

“Love jihad” is the term used by Hindutva groups to describe an imaginary conspiracy by Muslim men to seduce Hindu women to convert them to Islam.

Manesar and the shooter from Jamia had posted several violent videos and photos on their social media, Thread had reported. It was during this same event that Jamia’s shooter led a massive crowd of hundreds of men to the grounds of Ramlila, the site of Pataudi’s mahapanchayat. They chanted slogans which included ‘Mullo ka na qazi ka, you desh hai veer Shivaji ka (This country belongs to brave Shivaji, not to Muslims or qazis)’. “When Muslims are murdered, they will shout Ram Ram,” he said in his searing speech* at the Pataudi event. When the speech went viral on social media, sparking outrage, he was arrested and released on bail soon after.

Earlier, on May 30, he delivered an inflammatory speech via Facebook Live at a mahapanchayat in Indri village, Haryana, calling on Hindus to come together in support of the accused in the kidnapping case, of the lynching and murder of a man named Asif. Khan on May 16.

Asif, who was from Khera Khalilpur village in Nuh, Haryana, was abducted on May 16 and then lynched by a mob. When Nuh police named Hindus among those accused of Asif’s murder, a “Hindu mahapanchayat” organized by the Karni Sena in Indri on May 30 was said to have vindicated Asif’s murder.

Jamia’s shooter also called on Hindus to avenge “love jihad” by abducting Muslim women. “Can’t we remove a ‘Salma’?” he asked.

He was charged under Sections 153A (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, birthplace, residence) and 295A (deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage the religious feelings of any class by insulting their religion or religious beliefs) of the Indian Penal Code. At the time, the Gurgaon court said his “conscience was completely shocked” upon viewing a video recording of the incident, and that Indian society had to come down to “…those kind of people…who, if given the chance, would stage mass murder to kill innocent lives based on their own religious hatred…”

“The accused who stands before the court is not just an innocent young boy who knows nothing…rather (his actions) show that (along with) what he has done in the past…. now able to execute his hate without fear… and that he can move the mass to involve his hate.

He was released on bail again after a month on the condition that he stop making community statements. However, the Jamia shooter has repeatedly called for violence against Muslims.

Two months after his release on bail, he committed heinous and sexualized abuse against actress Urfi Javed, after which the National Commission for Women became aware of the case and its chairwoman Rekha Sharma wrote to the DGP of Maharashtra to file an FIR and complete the investigation within a specified time period, a report of which has been requested by the commission.

While this is not the first time the Jamia shooter has glorified acts of anti-Muslim violence, his recent ‘music’ videos feature criminal activity for which the Haryana police have yet to take any action against the perpetrators. authors. Whereas Thread cannot conclusively identify who the men in these videos are, their faces are clearly visible. Only a proper police investigation can tell us if Jamia’s shooter also played a role in the videos he posted on his social media accounts. On Twitter, he claimed he had nothing to do with the videos and that Mewat had become a hub of “thousands of cows killed daily”. In an interview with a local channel, Monu Manesar also claimed that he was not present at the site and that those wielding weapons are police officers.

*Thread has access to all the videos and posts of shooter Jamia mentioned. Although we cannot share them here as this would identify him, we would be willing to share them with law enforcement in the event that they are needed for any criminal investigation into his activities.