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Joué Music Instruments partners with Grammy-winning artist Young Guru

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We are honored to partner with such an influential artist as Young Guru, who is not only musically gifted, but also such a force in the community.

Joué Music Instruments, an innovator of unique music-making instruments, is proud to announce its partnership with Grammy-winning music artist Young Guru on an exclusive sound pack for his Joué Play whose proceeds support 211 Community Impact .

Young Guru, who The Wall Street Journal has described as “the most celebrated and successful engineer in hip-hop history,” is a Grammy-winning producer, recording engineer, and educator. Commonly referred to as “The Sound of New York” after mixing ten of Jay-Z’s albums, Guru began his career in the late 1980s as a DJ, quickly developing into a highly sought-after sound engineer. eventually aligning with Jay-Z. in the 1990s. Guru has worked with major artists such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Ludacris, Ghostface Killah, Cam’ron and many more.

In its mission to unleash people’s creativity, Joué Music offers beginners a new way to experience music creation with an all-in-one system consisting of a versatile instrument with premium tactile feel, an intuitive dedicated app that allows to experiment immediately and interactive content with built-in tutorials and covers for playing popular songs.

Joué Music Instruments Artist Packs are designed specifically for the Joué Play. These custom sounds offer users the ability to explore sounds that reflect an artist’s musical world for creative expression. Having already released multiple artist packs with artists based in France, Young Guru will be the first US-based international music artist on Play’s roster with plans to expand to North America.

All proceeds from the Young Guru Artist Pack for Joué will benefit 211 Community Impact, a non-profit organization chosen by Guru. 211 Community Impact (also known as 211ci) is an organization in Newark, New Jersey, whose mission is to stimulate interest in community issues and foster action for change. They provide community education programs, public policy information, and general resources for active community engagement for Newark residents. Raised in Newark, Guru has been involved in the local community for decades.

“We are honored to partner with such an influential and respected artist as Young Guru, who is not only musically and technically gifted, but also such a force in the music culture and community,” said Pascal Joguet. , co-founder/CEO of Joué Musique

Joué Music’s Young Guru Artist Pack will be available in early 2023.

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