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Looks like Spotify music videos are just around the corner

Photo credit: Gordon Cowie

Spotify has been working on its music video strategy behind the scenes for some time. It might finally be ready for prime time.

In June, Digital Music News reported on Spotify’s possible pivot to video. App engineer Jane Wong reported finding references to the video in a new version of the Spotify Android app released around this time. This test version of the app included a redesign to accommodate videos with three tabs. One for standard album art, one for the new video player, and one for Spotify Canvas.

Spotify Canvas was the music streaming service’s first experiment with video – short looping videos.

Video is becoming an increasingly important part of reaching new crowds. In July, Facebook added official music videos to its app. Apple launched the new Apple Music TV in October. Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers now also have access to music videos.

In this regard, Spotify lags behind when it comes to providing music videos in the app.

Spotify has invested heavily in podcasts and spoken word shows, but video is also part of that strategy. The Joe Rogan Experience is the first video podcast to launch on the service, and more are sure to follow. While Spotify hasn’t said anything official about upcoming music videos, their documentation says otherwise.

A new help document for the app tells users how to use the Spotify app to watch music videos. “Watch exclusive music videos, documentaries and video series, all from the Spotify app,” the header reads. It contains instructions on where to access videos on iOS and Android.

how to watch music videos on spotify

The instructions are slightly preemptive, as you can’t actually follow the steps. Aside from the new July video podcast news, Spotify hasn’t announced any music videos. Other exclusive content that could arrive includes “exclusive documentaries and video series” from a now-deleted Spotify community moderator comment.

This suggests that Spotify may be looking to become the No. 1 in streaming audio, but music videos as well.

We’ve seen the effect exclusive content can have on music streaming platforms in the past. But adding podcasts and music videos to that mix changes the equation. Suddenly music streaming services have more to offer than just the latest releases. It’s also worth noting that the help docs state that Spotify music videos are for premium users only.

Spotify, however, faces fierce competition from other video players. Netflix invests heavily in music documentaries like the new Selena series to keep people interested in artists. HBO Leaving Neverland documentary brought more attention to Michael Jackson’s catalog of songs.