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Luke Combs Takes Characters From Old Music Videos In Retro “Cold As You” – Y100 FM


Luc Combs tells a timeless story of grief, loneliness and finally new love in the music video for her current single, “Cold As You”. The clip follows a guy who was recently dumped as he sits at a restaurant counter, despondently sipping a drink and healing his heartache.

As the video progresses, the situation improves: he first finds a jukebox and starts dancing to a country song to help ease the pain – probably Willie nelson‘s “Whiskey River”, though the story of the video follows the lyrics of the song. Although her ex returns and makes an offer to rekindle their romance, Luke ultimately refuses her, choosing instead to get to know someone new he meets at the bar.

And while there is a lot on the surface to pique viewers’ interest, longtime fans will notice additional layers of fun in the video, in which Luke has subtly incorporated references to previous music videos and singles, as well as special moments in his career to date.

For example, you might recognize a young boy and a young girl sharing a milkshake in one of the booths in the background: the same actors who play the young versions of the country superstar and his wife. Nicole in the music video for her 2020 single, “Lovin ‘on You”.

“My team and I always keep the fans in mind with everything we do and the fact that we were able to implement so many ‘Easter Eggs’ including characters from my previous music videos was really cool. “comments Luke.

“Cold as You” is currently in the top twenty of country radios. If he becomes number one, it will be Luke’s 12th consecutive song to do so, following his last top of the charts, “Forever After All”.


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