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Groups formed in colleges are nothing new – jamming in the common room after class is a classic pastime for students. However, only a handful of groups can sustain it in the long run. Few people are aware of Patna’s close ties to musicians and singers. PT introduces you to some popular bands that don’t just exist in the city, but do really well in the music circuit. Continue reading …


It is a multi-genre group that has performed in numerous concerts, events and self-organized shows. The group shares a common dream: to resuscitate long lost musical roots and present them with a twist, something they have already achieved to some extent. An interesting range of artists, who come from different musical backgrounds, add versatility to their music. There is Prithviraj Burhagohain on drums, Abhishek Raj on lead guitarist, Snehasish Das Roy on vocalist, Rishiraj Burhagohain on rhythm guitarist and Ayush Sharma on bass. So far, the group has participated in live events like college festivals, road shows, live competitions, etc. They covered songs like Jimi Hendrix’s Little Wings, Pritam’s Zara Si and more. Their original composition, Jeeyein Kyun, will be released soon.

PATNA INC. The group, Patna Inc., was born in 2014 to a group of music lovers, who jam on weekends at a restaurant on Boring Road. Songwriter-director Angad Singh and singer and guitarist Ashish Jha named the band Patna Inc. The other band members are Love Kush, singer, and Rohit Romeo on bass guitar. The group performs songs from all genres, be it Bollywood, Sufi, Retro Hindi, Contemporary English, Pop, Rock or Retro English. You can call them master of all trades.


Bloopers, comprising Vivek Tiwary on drums, Ashish Bardhan on bass, Nishant and Akshay on guitar and Shivam as lead vocalist, is also a city-based musical group that was formed in 2017. They have a small venue. scrambling that features images from several music legends. This band plays blues, grunge rock and Hindi fusion. They also covered some songs from Nirvana and Wolfmother. These days, the group is working on their own compositions, which will be released this year. Bloopers originally started out as a group of people who had similar tastes in music. They sang covers of many British and American bands with a Bollywood twist.


This group was formed about three years ago by a few spirited young people from Patna, who sing covers of English groups with music from Bollywood. There is Sidhant Setu, singer and songwriter, Tuset Dwiz and Rajbir Kashyap as vocalists and guitarists, and Ipshita Chakraborty, singer. Initially, they mostly jam on weekends at a friend’s house. Later, they started playing at different places in the city, like Eco Park and Gandhi Maidan. Elexron has performed at many university events and festivals like IIT, Patna, BHU and Delhi. “The best feeling is when we have our workouts in crowded places like parks or malls and the crowds come together to hear us. It really gives us a high and we feel appreciated and loved, ”Sidhant said.


Aparigrah is a five member band, who play pop rock. This band was formed in 2017. The members of this band are Alok and Uddeshya Raj on guitar, Prince Jha, bassist, Ashish Kant on drums and Ashish Shrivastava, who doubles as singer and rhythm guitarist. They participated in many events and were a guest group in one of the famous management institutes in Patna. They have participated in festivals like Anwesha, IIT Patna, held in February 2018 and also in Spectrum, organized by NIFT. In addition to covers, they are also working on original compositions, which they plan to release this year.

-Alisha Shireen


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