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Music Applications, Elevators and Spices Win Top Prize at Elko County STEM Fair | Local


But finding a project that reduced in-person interactions helped “without having to risk other people for a project,” she added.

“Last year my project was about human interaction, so a lot of these types of projects couldn’t be done due to the pandemic this year, but I’m glad I got the idea to do something that hasn’t necessarily been banking. about human interaction, ”Martens said.

Neff said he used to explain his plan to the judges in person. However, he observed that using a multimedia presentation probably helped his project in the long run.

“I was grateful that I could put a video in my project online, and I think it really helped me,” he said. With engineering projects it’s hard to explain, but I think the video played a big part in explaining the project and making the judges understand it.

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For Whitesides, he noted that his project had been set up at school with the help of his teacher.

“Mine wasn’t that complicated,” he said. “There were beakers, and I put 100ml of each food, and then I tried each spice with those.”

Anita Collins, co-director of STEM Fair, said she and co-director Sandi Braundstadter needed to “rethink and revamp” the event, reducing it from the Elko Convention Center footprint to an online platform.


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