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Pune: the program explains the science behind musical instruments


Children lose interest in traditional and classical music and instruments. With this in mind, Dr Kalmadi Shamarao High School organized the annual “Swara Vigyan” program for children to teach them about the science behind musical instruments. Renowned artists explain and demonstrate how various instruments make sounds and how musical notes change.

“The science behind the shape and structure of the instrument is explained to students in grades 1-4. Everyone enjoys listening to music, but everyone knows or understands the science behind musical instruments. That’s why we run this program every year, ”said Shweta Inmadar, school supervisor.

“Students now actively participate in music lessons and register to learn different instruments. Tabla is the favorite of most of the students, ”said Inamdar.

Each year, artists from different regions guide the students. This year tabla artist Mohan Parasnis, artist Shehnai Tukaram Mahadev Daithankar, harmonium artist Upendra Sahastrapudhe and saxophone artist Shreepall Solapurkar engaged the students in an interactive session. Renowned violinist Neelima Radkar was also present as Swara Vigyan’s guest of honor on Friday to pay tribute to Kalmadi Shamarao on the occasion of his birth centenary.


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