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Receiptify and 8 other awesome music apps

Receiptify has taken off on social media lately, with thousands of people sharing their Spotify receipts on Instagram and encouraging others to do the same. At the end of the month, users take to Instagram to share their monthly music digest receipt, with users recently sharing their July digest.

However, some are slow to jump on the bandwagon or simply haven’t heard of it yet. If you like Receiptify and want more music apps like this, or if you’ve never heard of it before and are interested in what the app actually does, there are plenty of great music apps out there. to better understand and explore your musical tastes.



Receiptify is a tool that displays your top 10 most played songs from the last month, last 6 months and/or all time, in a receipt search format. He took off in recent months thanks to the trend that encouraged others to share their “Receiptify”.

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It currently works for Spotify,, and Apple Music, and according to the website, the developer is looking to try to support as many services as possible.

You can try it here.


Calling all Pokemon fans, you can finally see your top Spotify artists and stats displayed as Pokemon cards. It generates your top three artists from Spotify and creates Pokemon cards from them, with stats on popularity, subscribers, and top songs.

Users compared their cards with friends, much like real Pokemon cards, to see who has the lowest popularity score. Users can also generate cards for their top artists of all time, last six months, and last month.

You can try it here.


Obscurify was designed to help users better understand their own musical tastes. It takes into account users’ listening history, genres and general music tastes and recommends songs they may not have heard before and might like. It creates playlists of these songs and adds them to users’ Spotify libraries.

It also tells users how obscure their musical tastes are, making them exciting to compare with friends. Users are given a dark rating based on their best bits.

You can try it here.


As the name suggests, Festify takes users’ favorite artists and turns them into a music festival visual. It works with Spotify and takes top artists and converts the data into a fun visual impression that resembles music festival lineup.

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Listeners shared their Festify visual and talked about their dream festival lineup, with varying results. It shows the full spectrum of listening tastes, resulting in interesting lineups and results.

You can try it here.

Zodiacal Affinity

Zodiac Affinity, as the name suggests, tells you which star sign your most played songs and artists align with. It tells you if your listening tastes match your zodiac sign or which zodiac sign(s) speak to you the most.

It also creates playlists for you based on the sign(s) you choose. Users use this feature to create playlists for themselves and their friends, using their star signs to create the perfect combination that everyone will love.

You can try it here.


Have you wondered what your landscape would look like, based on your recent Spotify plays? Look no further, MusicScape generates minimalist landscapes based on recent activity. It uses pastel colors, simple designs, and soothing graphics to generate a landscape unique to you, based on your listening.

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The landscape also changes depending on the genres users are listening to, creating landscapes that reflect those genres, with mountains and lakes to reflect calmer music, and brighter, upbeat colors to reflect energetic music.

You can try it here.

How bad is your streaming music?

The AI ​​conjures up things like Tony Stark’s Jarvis or creepier thoughts like Ultron, but How Bad Is Your Streaming Music is nothing more than a judgy, funny, music-loving AI that judges users’ tastes based on Database jokes and artist information.

By working with Spotify and Apple Music, users can enter their data to be judged and criticized by this AI, which gives unsolicited opinions on users’ music history. The AI ​​also creates playlists with equally judged names, such as “Your Worst Songs in 2020” and “You’re Trying Too Hard”.

You can try it here.


Presenting itself as an interactive way to learn about users’ favorite songs, Whisperify chooses users’ top 10 songs and plays five-second snippets, in which the user must guess which song is currently playing. It also provides detailed song audio statistics and compares listening habits among friends and other listeners around the world.

It’s a hit at parties, road trips, and any get-together with friends. The software allows users to create groups and quizzes with friends to see who can get the highest score.

You can try it here.


Creating stunning visuals, Kaleidosync creates music visualizations using colors and patterns related to the artist or song being played. According to their website, this is a growing collection of 23 customizable WebGL sketches, with more being added weekly.

It works as a visualizer for those who need visual stimulation as well as audio stimulation, creating beautiful geometric and brightly colored patterns on the screen that work to the beat of the song. Users love it for its unique visuals and eye-catching designs.

You can try it here.

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