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SessionBand Jazz 4 by UK Music Apps Ltd


Create professional-quality jazz tracks on your own chords in minutes with
this brand new edition of the award-winning SessionBand jazz app
with exclusive, royalty-free and chord-based loops, performed by 4 of the
the best jazz musicians in the world: Jason Rebello (Piano); Jeremy Stacey (Drums);
Patrick Clahar (Sax) and Geoff Gascoyne (Bass).

Volume 4 is the ultimate jazz game and the perfect tool for jazz
songwriters. And we’ve added a lot of extra features and technology enhancements since Volumes 1, 2, and 3. Here’s what you get:

1. 15 chord variations per root note! Of all major and minor rights
down to the most exotic jazz chords
2.20 alternative drum grooves / fills in each style
3. Free access to over 150 downloadable ready-to-play jazz standards
in any key!
4. Instant PDF chord sheets for tracks you create
5. New technological improvements such as “Track Builder” to make the work flow
even faster.

With over 15,000 precision-cut chord loops included in the
download, the app instantly converts the chords you select into great, royalty-free sound, wherever you are and whatever your ability.

For this long-awaited edition, we have returned to mainly classical jazz
with some contemporary styles. Among the classics, expect to hear
Wayne Shorter mid and post-bop swing styles in four and three, plus Wes
Uptempo swing styles inspired by Montgomery and Ahmad Jamal. There is a
contemporary Brad Mehldau type piano and strings in 5/4 and a
wonderful Cuban carnival-type worldbeat number with many rich melodies
tenor saxophone loops of your choice.

Create professional jazz tracks to your choice of chords in minutes.
Everything you need to create, share and publish thousands of awesome
royalty-free jazz tracks.

Listen to the results. Watch the video on

The fastest way to create your own studio-quality jazz:

• Choose one of the 8 styles of jazz
• Choose your agreements
• Stretch or shorten curls
• Build your track in minutes
• Instantly hear your song through different styles and tempos
• Automatically transpose your entire song
• Add effects
• To mix together
• Change tempo
• Direct audio recording
• Copy directly to other music apps
• Share with the world!

The ultimate mobile jam / practice tool for musicians:

• Train with your own world-class quartet
• Loop markers allow you to focus on specific sections
• Mute the instrument channels as desired
• Produce PDF chord sheets for the tracks you create … instantly
• “Flip” your track through other styles and tempos
• Instantly transpose your entire song
• Download free backing tracks for over 150 jazz standards (with
leaves) ready to play. Transpose them in a single gesture!

Play some of the world’s best jazz musicians on your tracks:

• Jason Rebello (Piano): Sting; Jeff Beck; Wayne Shorter; Pierre Gabriel …
• Jeremy Stacey (drums): High Flying Birds by Noel Gallagher; King
Crimson; Amy Winehouse; Take that; Eric Clapton …
• Patrick Clahar (Sax); Bill Bruford’s earthworks; Incognito; Stevie
Wonder; James Brown …
• Geoff Gascoyne (bass); Prick; Van Morrison; Guy Barker; Georgia

You don’t have to be a musician to create great music and hang out
it is free of rights!

• Simple and intuitive interface
• Listen to the loop you are about to insert
• ‘Track Builder’ allows easy creation of a complete track
• Intuitive mixing and recording functions

Detailed Product Information:

• 8 styles of classical and contemporary jazz: Elvin Swing; McCoy Three;
Mozambique; Sting swing; Latin strings; Classic five; Swing Bass; Up
Swing ropes
• Tempos from 107bpm to 190bpm
• 15 chord variations for each root note: maj; maj7; maj7 (# 11); 11; 7;
7 (b9); 7 (# 9, # 5); 7 (# 11); min; m (# 5); m7 (9); m (maj7); m7 (b5); weak; majestic
• 20 alternative drum grooves / fills in all styles in addition to the
main groove of the drum
• The music content in this app cannot be found in any of the others
SessionBand applications
• All loops are offered royalty-free and can be used freely in your own


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