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SessionBand Jazz Fusion by UK Music Apps Ltd


SessionBand Jazz Fusion – Tom Cawley Special Synth & Vintage Keys Edition

Create studio-quality Jazz Fusion tracks on your own chords in minutes with this special artist edition of the award-winning SessionBand app – the world’s only chord-based looping app.

With over 20,000 precisely cut chord loops in 15 different Jazz Fusion styles included, the app instantly converts the chords you select into great sound, wherever you are and whatever your ability. Perfect for songwriters and producers and the ultimate backing play for jazz rock and pop instrumentalists.

Award-winning and acclaimed pianist Tom Cawley is one of the world’s most sought-after keyboardists both as a jazz pianist (Dave Weckl, Jack DeJohnette, Charlie Watts, Jamie Cullum, Guy Barker …) , and as a leading pop / rock keyboardist, recording and performing around the world with U2, Peter Gabriel, Andrea Bocelli, Amy Winehouse and many more.

For this special edition Jazz Fusion, Tom is joined by 2 of the best session musicians in the world: Simon Lea – Drums (Rod Stewart, Dionne Warwick, James Blunt, James Morrison, Katie Melua …) and Geoff Gascoyne – Bass (Sting , Van Morrison, Georgie Fame …).

Tom’s passion for jazz and for modern and vintage touches is reflected in the diversity of styles in this edition. And Tom has used many of the best keyboards from his vast personal collection: from the Oberheim OB-6, Prophet 12 and Moog Model D (as well as a modular setup), to his vintage Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Hohner Pianets – they are all included in the content of this app. And to do this genre full justice, we’ve increased the number of chord variations to 15 for each root note in all 15 styles!

In addition to professional features like automated mixing, automatic transposition, one-touch live recording, and a range of export functions, there are new technology features and upgrades like Channel FX, Sheet Music. Instant PDF chords and “Track Builder” to make your track creation Faster and Easier.

Create a professional Jazz Fusion to your choice of chords in minutes. Everything you need to create and share thousands of awesome royalty-free songs.

Listen to the results. Watch the video on

The fastest way to create your own studio-quality music:

• Choose one of the 15 Jazz Fusion styles
• Choose your agreements
• Stretch or shorten curls
• Build your track in minutes
• Instantly hear your song through different styles and tempos
• Automatically transpose your entire song
• Add effects
• Mix your song
• Adjust the track’s tempo
• Direct audio recording
• Copy directly to other music apps
• Share with the world!

The ultimate mobile jam / practice tool for musicians:

• Train with your own world class group
• Loop markers allow you to focus on specific sections
• Mute the instrument channels as desired
• Produce PDF chord sheets for the tracks you create … instantly
• “Flip” your track through other styles and tempos
• Instantly transpose your entire song

You don’t have to be a musician to create great music and stream it copyright-free!

• Simple and intuitive interface
• Listen to the loop you are about to insert
• ‘Track Builder’ allows easy creation of a complete track
• Intuitive mixing and recording functions

Detailed Product Information:

• 15 different jazz fusion styles: acoustic rock; Funk from the 70s; Pop rock; Neo Soul; Psychedelic soul; Soul of the 70s; Jazz-rock; Disco Funk; Neo Classic; Latin fusion; indie pop; Electro pop; electro-jazz; DnB; Groovy Six Four
• Tempos from 60bpm to 200bpm
• 15 chord variations for each root note: maj; maj7; maj7 (# 11); 11; 7; 7 (b9); 7 (# 9, # 5); 7 (# 11); min; m (# 5); m7 (9); m (maj7); m7 (b5); weak; shift ‘stop’
• 20 alternative drum grooves / fills in all styles in addition to the main drum groove
• Music content in this app cannot be found in any of the other SessionBand apps
• All loops are offered royalty-free and can be used freely in your own works


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