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Democrats unveil plan to issue quarterly checks to Americans by taxing oil companies making huge profits

Democrats introduced a bill Thursday to tax the biggest oil companies posting their biggest profits in years and use the money to provide quarterly checks to Americans facing sticker shock just about everywhere they look. The legislation would only apply to large companies like ExxonMobil that produce or import more than 300,000 barrels of oil […]

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APAC, Europe and America to Generate Massive Revenue for Western Musical Instrument Market by 2026

The recent research report on Western Musical Instruments Market highlights intricate details regarding the growth trajectory of this field through detailed analysis of market amplification history and significant global developments. The report has been presented in such a way as to enable the businesses to clearly understand the existing trends and presented forecasts, in order […]

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The best YouTube alternative for watching music videos is coming to Android TV and Google TV

There is no doubt that YouTube is one of the best platforms for watching music videos. And when it comes to playing a video clip on your TV or player with Android TV, the most used option was Google’s solution. Although very soon things will change. More than anything because the V platformevo announced in […]

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Music videos in Nepal rarely turn a profit, but investors are too willing to finance: the paradox explained

Of all the music videos that have been released in the last month, there is one thing in common. No, these videos were not made by the same director nor do they have the same cast and crew. The common thread was that almost all of these videos were funded by Nepalese living abroad. Over […]

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Collab, an application for making group music videos

Collab has only launched on the US App Store at the moment. Picture:Facebook collaboration via AFP Relaxnews. First released in beta earlier this year, Facebook’s Collab mobile app is now available on iOS for everyone in the US, allowing friends and group members to create short music videos and sync sequences. Collab is a tool […]

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Music videos: Attention, YouTube and Spotify. Facebook is testing music videos on its app

Undeterred by antitrust hearings in the United States, Facebook is foraying into another area: music videos. Users of the social networking platform in the United States can now watch music videos on Facebook. These will appear in News Feed, for now, with the company launching a Music section on Facebook Watch, where users can explore […]

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Best music apps for Xbox One

When the Xbox One debuted in 2013, Microsoft focused on its goal as an “all-in-one” hub for home entertainment. While over time the console’s focus shifted to its gaming roots, the breadth of the platform is still evident to this day. Some major changes have been made to the Xbox One since its launch, one […]