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The 20 best horror music videos of 2022

Calling all phobophiles! Step into Halloween Spirit (like your favorite seasonal store) with my annual list of horror clips. Whether it’s wandering through the graveyard, being chased by cannibal cheerleaders, or performing in the afterlife for a whole bunch of deceased icons, this year I’ve taken rate great videos that might horrify, disgust, move, or maybe chill.

Maybe it’s because I was born in October, I make killer pumpkin bread, or just because I love horror movies, I consider myself the resident horror fan here at home. station and have been participating in the #31DaysOfHorror challenge online for a long time. Nine years ago, I started a Blog to document “31 Days of Horror (Music Videos)” because my schedule was so packed that I found myself falling asleep trying to watch a full movie. But I knew I had time for a scary music video, so this is the origin story. I post a “horror” clip online every day of the month with a little commentary.

I keep track of music videos all year with the Notes app on my phone writing artists and songs with videos that fit the horror theme, then when October rolls around I scroll through my list and start to share.

Here are 20 of the best horror music videos released this year:

Allison Ponthier – “Hollywood Forever Cemetery”

My favorite video this season; it is as if beetle juice meet Mulholland Drive into the afterlife with cameo appearances from Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and a few other notable icons!