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Top 5 most watched BTS music videos in 2021


Calling BTS the greatest boy group on the planet has become a worn out statement. The group of seven boys grew into giants in mid-2017, conquering the world. The term “K-pop” quickly grew from a marginal genre to a dominant force in the global mainstream music industry.

Bangtan Sonyeon has also become synonymous with “record-breaking superstars”. With a whole ARMY fan behind them, BTS has achieved a lot in a short period of time.

One of those accomplishments is being in the top three most viewed YouTube music videos by a Korean artist. Exemplary production sets, costumes and creative out-of-the-box storylines, BTS music videos are beloved for their grandeur.

Like Marvel, the group has Easter Eggs scattered throughout almost all of their clips. Bangtan Universe Analysis (BU) makes watching music videos more exciting.

The top 5 most watched BTS music videos

5) False love – 991,441,681 views

A true cinematographic masterpiece, Fake love released in 2018 under the album Love yourself: tear. Video is a crucial part of BU and an icon, which has helped BTS gain recognition. The honor of BTS’s first Billboard performance in May 2018 also goes to Fake love. With its superb theatrical atmosphere, its catchy and addictive chorus, Fake love can be found at n ° 5.

4) MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) – 1,025,694,705 views

At # 4 we have everyone’s favorite diss piece, MIC Drop. The remix version with famous EDM artist and DJ Steve Aoki has garnered over a billion views on YouTube. MIC Drop perfectly sums up the energy, lyrical prowess and intricate dance moves of BTS. The icing on the cake ? They don’t mind bragging about their incredible accomplishments that have cemented their status as kings of the K-pop industry.

3) Dynamite – 1,220,557,337 views

BTS stepped out of their comfort zone and tried a whole new side of them with very first English song Dynamite, released in 2020. The band conquered the mainstream music industry with their songs in Korean, so it was time for them to explore new waters. The ARMYs gave Dynamite massive love and support, earning them great rewards.

Testing the new waters worked for them. They became the only K-pop group in history to win a Grammy nomination for Dynamite in the category Best pop performance in duo / group. The whole world held their breath when the Grammys announced the winners, as did the boys. Unfortunately for the fans, the prize went to Rain on me by Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga.

2) DNA – 1,332,096,475 views

DNAThe characteristic whistling melody and addicting dance moves of the tapping of the foot were probably the start of the discovery of BTS by many people. The song was released in 2017 as part of the group Do you like: she album.

Colorful sets, 3D animation, old-fashioned graphics and fun dance moves have given way to DNA being an iconic song throughout BTS’s discography.

1) Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey) – 1,333,511,299 views

Friendship duo BTS and Halsey collaborate with Boy With Luv on the throne. The clip pays homage to BTS’s entire journey, as it repeatedly displays the band’s albums as neon-lit signs. The song has more significance as it is an improved version of their song Boy In Luv, released in 2014 on their debut album.

While the 2014 song featured a hormone-laden “puberty teenagers” story, the 2019 song offers a mature character. It has all the hallmarks of a BTS music video – captivating music, catchy dance moves, a chorus that stays in your mind, several key dance points, amazing vocals, and a large scale of production.

Disclaimer: Opinions on the videos noted here were recorded at the time of publication of this article.

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