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Top 5 music apps for iPhone [2020]


Music apps are among the best downloads on an app store.

Whether you love music or love podcasts, there are a variety of apps that let you indulge in your favorite hobbies. There are many music apps for iPhone; most of these apps are free and offer in-app purchases. The beauty of these apps is that you can listen to your favorite artists and support them along the way. Some of the best apps are as follows:

Spotify is perhaps the popular music app available on the App Store. Not only is it user-friendly, but it also offers a range of music genres from all over the world. The sound quality is good. However, to take advantage of most of the app’s features, the user has to pay a $ 10 subscription.

Pandora is another popular audio streaming app which is a competitor to Spotify. It offers personalized content for users. In addition, it is easy for users to browse the libraries in the app. However, like most apps, it does require a subscription for the best experience. You must purchase a subscription to remove the ads.

If you love to listen to the radio, this app is perfect for you. There are many radio channels available for listeners. These include sports, news, comedy, talk shows and not to mention music. While not the best app for listening to pre-recorded albums and songs, it’s great if you like live chats. You need to purchase a subscription to listen to music.

The YouTube app offers a variety of songs and videos. It has the largest collection of music and podcasts. However, the YouTube app has its limitations. Instead, the YouTube Music app offers what the YouTube app does not. YouTube Music provides recommendations based on user history. It is simple to use and the user interface is not confusing. You can also watch videos. For the free version, users cannot access advanced features. With a basic subscription of $ 12.99, the app is more expensive. You can also download songs and videos for later viewing.

Apple offers its own music application for iPhone. There are a variety of songs and video content available. Moreover, users can listen to songs and podcasts even without internet connection if the audio file has been downloaded. Before purchasing the app, you can take advantage of a 90-day free trial.

One of the great things about streaming apps is that they let you access playlists on a variety of devices, including laptop and phone. For example, you can use the desktop version of Spotify apps to transfer mp3 to iPhone by simply dragging and dropping files into the app. Another example is the Apple Music app. It’s available on all Apple products, which means you can even access music on your Apple Watch. Despite this advantage, streaming apps are not free; you need to purchase a subscription plan for premium experience. The only downside to the subscription model is that users have to pay monthly. But without a doubt, music streaming apps are the way to go.

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