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Toshiba Alexa TVs get streaming upgrade with Twitch and Amazon Music apps


Toshiba smart TVs in the UK have the Twitch app, as well as Amazon Music, great for Alexa-enabled models.

Twitch and Amazon Music are now available on all Toshiba TV models, including Android TVs and those with Alexa built-in. So anyone with UA2B, UK4B, UL20 or WK3C will now be able to enjoy a host of different streaming benefits on their budget screen.

Specifically, Twitch users will have the ability to access the site’s vast reservoir of live and on-demand broadcasts, while Amazon Music’s 75 million tracks will also be available for free listening (with ads, beware). ).

The apps join a host of other streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Freeview Play (for catch-up apps from UK broadcasters). As for other music services, you still only get Spotify on Toshiba’s Android TVs, although Deezer, BBC Sounds, Capital FM, and YouTube Music are also available by default across the range.

Analysis: better for some than for others

Toshiba has some form when it comes to cheap but capable TVs. You don’t get the impressive picture from an OLED TV, or even a more mid-range package like the Panasonic HX800, but for those looking for a low-cost screen solution with good features, Toshiba could be a good bet.

But we don’t know if adding these apps should really influence you. Twitch is a great option in today’s world of streamers, while Amazon Music will make sense for those who are already part of the Amazon ecosystem or who are used to requesting songs from this platform through the platform. ‘Alexa assistant.

However, ideally you’ll have an Amazon Prime membership to help you get the most out of it, as Prime members automatically have access to Amazon Music’s two million songs ad-free – with an additional charge of £ 7.99 / months, which means you can upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited, with multiple times that number of songs.

It’s worth noting that affordable displays like those offered by Toshiba don’t tend to deliver incredible sound quality – in our WK3C review, we noted that the Alexa Assistant itself was a bit squeaky to listen to. So you might be better off trying listening to Amazon Music through an Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, or even an Echo Studio.


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