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‘Vibe Vaders’ talent Josh drops two new music videos ‘Xeema’ and ‘Kareeb’, full details inside

Check out the latest on Josh’s ‘Vibe Vaders’ talent and two of their new music videos, namely ‘Xeema’ and ‘Kareeb’

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‘Josh’ is this short format video application that gives total freedom to its artists to express themselves freely so that their talent is revealed to the world. From music and lifestyle to dance, acting, singing and other forms of performing arts, Josh is known for supporting all of his talents in the best possible way. One of these talents is Vibe Vaders.

For the uninitiated, ‘Vibe Vaders’ is a duet with musicians Rooh and Zaza. They perform live sets across the country ranging from pop to indie, and the best part about them? They give their unique acoustic touch to make things better. The vision of their music is to create a “relaxing vibe” for everyone to enjoy and have fun. The duo record and produce their own originals since Zaza himself is Josh Studios’ music producer. Their song ‘Kareeb’ is already available on Spotify for listening and downloading and a few days ago they released their latest single titled ‘Xeema’. So what does “Xeema” mean and what is it?

Xeema (Boundary) is an Assamese song that is sung for joy after overcoming obstacles and coming out alive, happy and rocked. The chorus means:

“My thoughts now stand at the edge of the world, having crossed all boundaries and limitations.” Check out the song below –

Just as Vibe Vaders were basking in fame and enjoying the success of ‘Xeema’, they decided to make it more enjoyable for their listeners by dropping a new music video of their popular old track ‘Kareeb’. Take a look below –

Well, absolutely interesting and engaging stuff, isn’t it? What is your opinion on that? Which of the two songs do you prefer ladies and gentlemen?

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