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What are the most popular South Korean music apps?

A new survey has revealed which platforms are the biggest music streaming apps in South Korea in 2022. What is the favorite Korean music app?

A survey confirmed that Melon remains the most popular South Korean music streaming service where users can stream music of all genres, K-Pop and beyond.

1,500 paid music streaming subscribers were surveyed by the Record Label Industry Association of Korea, and 52.7% said they use Melon music for their audio streaming entertainment.

What are the other most popular music streaming platforms in South Korea? According to the survey, youtube music was the second most popular streaming platform with 31.2%, followed by Genius with 20.2%.

FLO had 11.5%, 9.2% said Vibe, and Insects! was selected by 8% of respondents. Apple Music users accounted for 7.3% while Spotify brought up the rear with 4.7%.

While Spotify has seen slow growth since its launch in South Korea in 2021, despite being one of the world’s leading streaming services, YouTube Music has seen a massive increase in popularity relative to its share. 1.7% in the region in 2019.

But for now, Melon remains the best music app for South Koreans. There was another win for the platform as almost half (42.%) of survey participants chose Melon as their favorite place to stream music.

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