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Why is Randi Zuckerberg making cringe-worthy music videos about cryptocurrency?

Have you ever watched something so bad on the internet that you felt embarrassed? If you’re not familiar with that sinking feeling, you will be after watching these Randi Zuckerberg videos.

Over the past month, Randi Zuckerberg — best known as the sister of Facebook (now Meta) founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg — has been posting squealing “parody” music videos about cryptocurrency.

Zuckerberg’s most recent video is a parody of Twister Sister’s ’80s hair metal classic “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” In its rotationhowever, the song is called “We’re All Gonna Make It”, a play on the acronym WAGMI.

The acronym is a popular catchphrase within Web3 communities, primarily as a way to build trust and convince themselves that they will succeed. (That’s real MLM vibes, huh?) Anyway, Zuckerberg’s song is filled with Web3 jargon that’s used to trick people into investing in various Web3 communities. Here are some lyrics:

This is just the beginning so gm

Carpe your crypto diem

DYOR and choose a part

BTD Buy the dip it

Our diamond hands won’t turn it over

HODL and we will all join

It looks, sounds and sounds like something you would see at a LuLaRoe convention to get people asking their friends if they would like to invest in a new business opportunity.

After listening to this, I know what you’re thinking. Please, my God, are there any others? Well, you’re in luck! A few weeks ago, Zuckerberg share another parody of Adele’s hit single, “Hello”. Watch it here:

If you pressed after the first few seconds, here are some of the Words from the first verse:

Hello It’s Me

Would you like to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies?

We will review everything

Because you have coins from different blockchains and want to trade

Good morning! Can you hear me?

A decentralized exchange lets you convert from A to B

Once you have paid the gas charges

And no single point of failure means you have security

And if you made it this far, you probably stayed for the chorus that starts with “Hello, it’s DeFi.”

Just a few weeks ago, we were all talking about Heather Morgan, one of two people allegedly involved in the $3.6 billion Bitfinex heist, for her rapper alter ego, Razzlekhan. After watching Zuckerberg’s musical styles, I think we all have to apologize to Razzlekhan.

But the real issue here doesn’t involve the silly music or videos. On the whole, they are harmless. Just let people enjoy things. The real question is why is Randi Zuckerberg – again, the family of billionaire Mark Zuckerberg – pumping crypto so hard? Full Zuckerberg is a former Facebook executive, author of several books, and owner of a social media company called Zuckerberg Media. So what the hell are you doing Randi Zuckerberg?

On her Biography Twitter, Zuckerberg lists a slew of different “Web3 projects,” almost all of which involve peddling NFT collections. The only exception seems to be cryptocurrency exchange okcoins. Zuckerberg joined the company’s brand advisory board in December 2021 with a objective to “bring more women into crypto”.

So, unsurprisingly, there is a financial incentive here to promote crypto. But it’s still interesting to see such support for a system that completely basks in its commitment to Zuckerberg’s anonymity.

“I think anonymity on the internet has to go,” Zuckerberg noted in 2011 while working as Facebook’s chief marketing officer. “I think people hide behind anonymity and they feel like they can say whatever they want behind closed doors.”

While it’s good that their views on anonymity on the internet have moved on, it’s unfortunate that they did so in order to support an industry where anonymity is key and therefore plagued by scams and scams.