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Will Kristian Bush be at the top of the most popular country music videos?

Kristian Bush has released a new video for his new song, “Troubadour.” Will his fans show up to vote him in Taste of Country’s top videos of the week recap?

It depends on loyal readers like you.

The singer-songwriter and half of Sugarland is just one of the deserving artists with new clips up for votes in this week’s new countdown. Kane Brown’s futuristic new video for his pop-leaning “Big” needs support, and there are some up-and-coming artists looking for countdown glory this week, too.

Lauren Renoit is Video “A bottle is worth a penny” is out now, and Chris Colstonit is Video “Boy like me” is also brand new. Shantaiais seeking votes for his “Hung Over You” video, which premiered with Taste of Country this week. Newcomer based in Texas Jaylee Gandyit is first video of “Hand Me Downs” is also looking for a countdown love this week. If Gandy sounds familiar to Countdown voters, it’s because she worked with Maggie Baugh, who has been a big presence in Taste of Country’s most popular videos of late.

Who has your vote this week?

Home Free and Maggie Baugh lead the countdown again this week, with Danielle Bradbery dropping to No. 2. John Rich debuts at No. 6 this week with his Video “progress”and Bill Anderson and Dolly Parton weigh in at No. 10 with their video for “Someday It’ll All Make Sense”.

Which artists do you want to see at the top of the countdown next time? Voting has been unusually competitive since the start of 2022, so if you want to see your favorites come out on top, you need to vote and keep voting. Be sure to check back next Friday to see who’s leading the countdown this week.

Due to an update, the voting poll is different than before. When you vote now you must then scroll up to see the captcha. Once you have verified yourself, your vote will be counted as usual.

Note: Fans can vote for a video once an hour until polls close next Friday at 12 p.m. ET. The Weekly Top 10 will be revealed immediately after the poll closes. Videos are taken down after six months, when fans lose interest, or when an artist posts a new video for a current single.

  • ten

    “One day everything will make sense”

    Bill Anderson with Dolly Parton

  • 9

    “If I Can Lose You”

    Lauren Mascitti

  • 8

    “Damn Strait”

    Scotty McCreery

  • seven

    “I know some cowboys”

    Jenny Tolman

  • 5

    “The Whiskey Whispers Your Name”

    Karissa Ella

  • 4

    “Ghost Story”

    Carrie Underwood

  • 3

    “Broken Heart”

    thousand horses

  • 2

    “Look at the mess I’m in”

    Danielle Bradbery

  • 1

    “From Here to the Moon and Back”

    Free Home with Maggie Baugh

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